Conduct fair lending analysis, monitoring, and reporting

Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) and fair lending compliance have always been challenging. Under the Dodd-Frank Act, the challenge has risen to a whole new level. Recent guidance from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) expanded fair lending scrutiny to mortgage lenders of all sizes. The CFPB also indicated that auto lenders should conduct regular analysis of loans for prohibited pricing disparities. Further complicating compliance, the CFPB, Justice Department, and other regulatory agencies are using the doctrine of Disparate Impact in examination and enforcement.

FairnessAnalyzer® offers advanced regression analysis that's easy to use. Help is available if you need it, through available support from the industry's fair lending compliance experts. In a matter of hours, rather than months, you can identify and address fair lending issues. The system has built-in models, statistical reports and analytics for mortgage and consumer lending so that you can get started quickly.

FairnessAnalyzer® Performs

Comprehensive reviews of loan data include:

  Data validation and analysis
  Risk assessment
  Regression modeling on underwriting and pricing
  Matched-pair analysis
  Redlining and reverse redlining review
  Monitoring and controls

FairnessAnalyzer® Benefits

  Identify potential disparities in real-time
  Pinpoint exceptions to explain disparities
  Mitigate fair lending non-compliance risk
  Increase efficiency and accuracy
  Implement proactive compliance protection
  Conduct routine or continuous analysis
  Improve overall risk management and profitability

FairnessAnalyzer® Models

FairnessAnalyzer® has comprehensive built-in analytic models, including:

  Data Quality
  2-Factor T-Test / Denial Disparities
  Matched Pair/Cohort Analysis
  Underwriting/Decisioning Regression
  Pricing Regression
  Scatter Diagrams/Outlier Analysis

Fair Lending Made Fast and Simple

FairnessAnalyzer® is an enterprise-class Web-based system; users can access this powerful platform with just a Web browser. Simple workflows help your financial institution correct data issues and identify potential fair lending violations, including disparities that affect protected class populations. The system adapts to your institution's unique data formats so there's no need for complex reports or exports.

For more information on FairnessAnalyzer®, contact a ComplianceEase Client Manager toll-free at 1.866.212.EASE (3273) or send us an e-mail at Contact CE.