Reduce IT & Maintenance Costs for CRA Compliance

Running a successful residential lending business today means that operations will continually grow more complex, while regulatory scrutiny increases accordingly. Yesterday's desktop and client/server CRA software may have worked fine when the pace of change was slower; but in today's environment, maintaining these legacy systems imposes significant ongoing costs and increases the risk of missing or inaccurate data when systems can't adapt quickly enough.

ComplianceEase® provides an entirely web-based CRA compliance management solution that virtually eliminates maintenance costs, enabling you to automatically ensure quality data, detect redlining, and evaluate your progress towards lending goals - before the regulators do.

Improve Your CRA Process

CRA Manager™ is built on an enterprise platform as a completely web-based compliance solution. Innovative features help you maintain compliant data at all times, wherever your business goes:

  Import, collect, and edit data, all in real-time
  Automatically find and fix errors
  Monitor all data changes with detailed audit trails
  Hundreds of regulatory and quality edit checks
  Eliminate maintenance burden and IT costs

Analyze Your Changing Business

Every report, chart and geographic map in CRA Manager is completely dynamic. Gain a deeper understanding of your business, your peers' businesses, and even visualize the areas in which you do business:

  Build geographic maps to detect redlining
  Set goals and continuously evaluate performance
  Export data and reports in all major file formats
  Compare your lending patterns to your peers
  Run the same reports that the regulators do


Advanced Features You Can't Find Anywhere Else

  Completely web-based, no software to maintain
  Fast, compliant Geocoding engine
  Analytics to detect gender / name mismatches
  Color-coded edit checks
  Dynamic visual maps and graphical reports
  Custom analysis and reporting
  Built-in U.S. Census demographic data
  Help from the mortgage compliance experts
For more information on CRA Manager, contact a ComplianceEase Client Manager toll-free at 1.866.212.EASE (3273) or send us an e-mail at Contact CE.